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[Drones Deliver Donuts To Your Home]

Drones have made their way into a lot of industries with a varied variety of applications. Most of these applications involve serving some important purpose that we can’t risk humans to execute, or are just way better executed with drones.

However, despite all the things that they have accomplished, these drones were still lagging behind in one specific field, home deliveries.

Ever since the development of the first generation of drones, people have wondered about the possibilities of a drone delivering their goods right into their homes.

Call it a progressive attitude or just pure laziness, but the mere thought of a drone delivering a pizza to the balcony of our 12th floor apartment really excites us.

However, unlike other applications, this one was taking quite some time to execute, as aviations laws prevented the use of commercial drones in residential areas, especially those that aren’t directly visible to operators.

Still, they say that, where there is a will, there is a way, and a drone startup called Flirtey in collaboration with 7-Eleven has finally found a way of delivery goods via drones.

This pilot program of theirs involves delivering all sorts of goods directly to the customers home in Reno, Nevada, where Flirtey already has a federally approved office at the University Of Nevada for drone testing and development.

What this means is that all the people residing in a one mile radius of 7-Eleven stores in the city will be able to get their goods delivered to them via drone.

As this program is put through it’s paces, the companies will work on improving the process so that it can be replicated with success all over the country.

We do not know when that would happen, but whenever it does, we will surely be waiting to put in our orders.

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Posted on : 28 Jul 2016 @ 17:54

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