Anki’s Cozmo Robot Toy

[Intelligent Robotic Toy That Plays With You]

Robotic Toys are now a new category in the technology world. However, there is quite a limitation of what they can do once you do get them in your home.

Now, a company called Anki intends to take these toys to the next level by adding some artificial intelligence in them.

Towards this end, they have just introduced a new toy robot to the market by the name of Cozmo.

Cozmo is a tiny little robot that looks like a miniature truck which runs on tank tracks.

It features a small screen which functions as it’s face, and has all sorts of cute expressions.

These expressions change randomly, as it interacts with your through games and tricks of different types.

But what makes it really special is a special learning program in it’s code, which lets it recognize and remember you.

This familiarity grows over time as it gets you know you, which results in what appear to be personal growth for the robot as it becomes a member of your family.

To start the bonding process, all you need to do is connect the robot to your phone over Bluetooth and Wifi.

From here, all the processing and is done through an app/cloud, which takes data from Cozmo’s sensors for constant analyses.

Once it’s done, it sends specific information back to the robot, who then uses it to modify it’s programming.

As you can see, this is quite an advanced system for a toy robot to have. But the company claims that this is part of their vision for a truly personal toy.

If you want to get this cute little toy for yourself, you can Pre-Order one for $160.

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