Anti Ageing Drug To Enter Human Trails

[Drug Already Proven Successful In Mice]

Ageing is something that scares almost every human being on this planet. It is the inevitable sign of approach death and we do everything we can to stop it.

Most of these efforts are superficial and directly only to assuage us on a psychological level, with little to no effect on the actual ageing process itself.

However, now there is a chance that we could do something on the physiological level too, with the help of a new Anti-Ageing Drug.

This drug, being developed through the collaboration of Keio University in Japan and Washington University in St.Louis is all set to reverse the ageing process and prolong life at the same time.

Made from the compound Nicotinamide Mononucleotide (NMN), this drug stimulates the production of specific proteins called Sirtuins.

The decline in the production of these proteins is the actual reason behind the natural decline in metabolism, eyesight, glucose intolerance and other problems that occur specifically with growing age.

By stopping this decline, the scientists hope to stop these side effects as well, thus indirectly improving the condition of life for individuals at the older side of the age spectrum.

The researchers have already proven the success of this formula in mice, and now are hoping to repeat the same in human trails, when they start around next month.

While there have been other drugs that claim to one day achieve this result too, but this is the only one that has come this close to Human Trails.

If proven successful, this drug will completely change our relationship with our own mortality. How that effects the world around us more of a philosophical question at this point. But hopefully soon it will become very real.

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Posted on : 17 Jul 2016 @ 15:43

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