Audi Group S Prototype

[Unreleased Rally Car Brought Back For Demonstration]

Rally Championships have always been a dangerous sport. This is why it’s so hard to televise them. Even if you get a chance to go see it in person, it’s still a very huge risk for your own life.

This danger was the signature characteristic of the Group B, which featured unpredictable tracks, wild fans and turbo-boosted monster cars competing to stay on track.

During the glorious 4 year run of the Group B, Audi was under way to much pressure to perform, and therefore decided to split focus from their Group B ambitions and instead start building a new car.

This car was a bit more mature and smart than it’s predecessors, with a mid-mounted, four-valve turbocharged engine and a space frame and plastic bodywork. Not to mention, it was gorgeous as well.

This car was built specifically for the then new Group S, which was supposed to replace Group B. However, after the deaths of Henri Toivonen and Sergio Cresto, both Groups were scrapped and rally racing was never the same.

The demise of these groups also meant the demise of the Audi Group S Prototype, which was hidden in the depths of Audi Research Centers, never to be seen again.

While this is a very sad story, it does have a silver lining. Since these cars never got destroyed in rally races, they get to be wheeled out for classic rallies.

As you can guess by now, Audi will be demonstrating the Group S prototype alongside it’s other rally cars at the Eifel Rallye Festival being held on July 21 in Daun, Germany.

So if you are a true Audi/Rally fan, then make sure you keep an eye out for these luscious beasts.

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