Augmented Reality Headset For Helicopter

[New System Lets Pilots See Through Clouds]

Anyone who operates expensive machinery under diverse conditions is always under a lot of pressure. Whether, it be tanks, planes or boats, the people in charge have to deal with all sorts of situations.

These situations offer zero margin for error, as even a single error can lead to the death of multiple people along with millions in property losses.

Maintaining this margin gets even more tough when these sorts of machineries are operated in situations that mess with the operators vision, such as fog, rain and cloud cover.

To help the operators in these sort of situations, a lot of researchers are taking aid of Augmented Reality Systems that combine feedback from various navigation systems to provide a better view of the surroundings.

We have seen such augmented reality systems being used inĀ Tanks before, but now they have come to helicopters as well, thanks to the efforts of researchers from the University Of Munich.

The reason this sort of system is crucial for helicopters is because unlike planes, helicopters fly through areas that contain lots of obstacles, such as skyscrapers, power lines, mountains and more.

This sort of changing terrain gets even more unpredictable when you account for weather conditions that are known for decreasing the visibility dramatically in low lying regions.

The system itself is made up of LiDAR and other scanning technologies which creates a 3D map of the area and sends the image to a special head mounted display.

The image shows different types of obstacles in different colors so that the pilots are able to distinguish between different types of terrains with ease.

This gives them an approximation of where to go and what to avoid, so that they don’t have to rely just on their eyesight for maneuvering.

In addition to rendering the surroundings, the system is also able to display essential flight data such as airspeed, position, course and altitude, so that the pilot doesn’t have to keep looking down at the various gages from time to time.

We have no idea when this technology would be available for commercial purchase, but whenever it does happen, we will make sure to let you know.

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