Bagel Smart Measuring Tape

[Hybrid Measuring Tape For Accurate Measurements]

In order to build anything, you first have to know the exact measurements of what you want to build. The same principle works for modifying designs.

However, often the simple process of measuring objects can become a hassle when we take into account the limitations of traditional tape measures.

Now, a new type of smart measuring device called Bagel is attempting to take care of those limitations by providing you with multiple measuring options.

The creators of this smart device are calling it the World’s Smartest Tape Measure, and have put it on Kickstarter, where it has exceeded it’s goals spectacularly.

What makes this device so smart is that it comes with three different measuring modes: the string mode, the wheel mode, and the remote mode.

The wheel mode and the remote mode both use special sensors to calculate the measurements, while the string mode is the only one that uses the traditional measurement style.

However, this mode too is made high tech by the use of durable Dyneema String that can tolerate up to 112 pounds of pressure.

All these modes are digitally supported, so any data that you collect can be stored on the device itself, or send to your smartphone through an accompanying app.

Not only that, but can also use it to record voice memos, which is great for those times when you just don’t want to write down your notes regarding the measurements.

As you can guess, this makes this device greatly useful for all types of professionals. If you too want to get one for yourself, you can head over to the Kickstarter Page and pre-order it for just $49.

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Source: Kickstarter
Category : Gadgets & Gears
Posted on : 12 Jul 2016 @ 16:01

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