BMW 1 Series Sedan

[Compact Sedan Will Be Exclusive To China]

BMW has almost always been the go to luxury car brand for people who like to drive cars that deliver great performance.

It is this goal that has always driven them to make cars that are short, nimble and best of all, rear wheel driven.

However, it seems that BMW is changing their ways to adapt to the needs of the consumer market, or atleast that’s what it looks like from the launch of their brand new 1 Series Sedan.

This car is BMW’s first foray into the Compact Sports Sedan market, much after it’s traditional rivals, Mercedes and Audi, who already have their contenders well placed in the market.

To try and catchup with the competition, it seems BMW has made a lot of compromises, including using the same chassis setup as the X1, along with being Front Wheel Drive as well.

While this might have been the worst new for BMW purists, BMW has decided to top itself by also making another decision of keeping this car exclusive to the Chinese market.

Yes, that’s right, this car has been built specifically for the needs of the Chinese market, and will not be sold anywhere else.

As you can expect, a lot of fans are sad to hear this news, but we still are keeping our hopes up, because it’s very well possible that BMW might decide to expand it’s market if the demand remains high enough.

So in the interest of being unbiased, we will wait for more information regarding the engine setup and price, and keep our fingers crossed that a worldwide launch might happen soon.

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