BMW M5 Competition Edition

[Special Variant Pushes Power Output Upto 600Bhp]

BMW has always been known as a manufacturer that knows how to blend luxury with power. This is why their cars command such a high regard in the automotive industry.

This streak of power hungry behavior is especially highlighted in their M series cars, which are built specifically to provide the best driving experience possible.

As expected, the creation of cars like these prompt the competition to do some tinkering of their own, which results in some amazing competition, such as the AMG and RS series from Mercedez and Audi respectively.

Between all these companies, the user get the most benefit as they have the opportunity to choose from multiple models across various price ranges.

Currently, one of the most favorite cars for users to get in the performance range is the M5. It’s a powerful beast that offers 412kw (560 hp) of power, along with a lot of other goodies.

While this sort of power may be enough for your average customer, but for BMW, it wasn’t enough still. So they did what any company with a long legacy of super-powered luxury cars would do; they upped the bar.

This shift of paradigm is being brought to you in the form of the M5 Competition Edition, a souped up version of an already powerful car, which offers 441 kW (600 hp).

The extra power comes thanks to a tweaked ECU, which works overtime to push the car from 0-100 km/h (62 mph) in just 3.9 seconds. As anyone who has had the chance to fill that gap in that short of a time will tell you, it’s an overwhelming rush.

To make sure that the rush doesn’t getting you killed, the car also features other tweaks, such as a revised chassis setup with stiffer springs and dampers.

Added to this is a 10 mm drop in ride height and a new variant of the M Active Differential software which works it’s charm quietly, in order to keep the car in control at high speeds.

All these change however don’t take away from the beauty of this car. To enhance that beauty even more, the new edition comes with a special Carbon Black or Mineral White paintwork, along with forged 20 inch wheels.

The end result of all these modifications is a car that takes being aggressive to a whole another level. Unfortunately for car lovers, this aggression will cost them around €129,500 (US$142,800) which is a lot of dough. But, if you can afford it, then there’s no better car for the price.

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