BMW’s 740e iPerformance

[Hybrid Version Of Luxury Sedan]

For years now, the flagship sedans from most luxury car makers have used V8 and V12 engine to give their car top class performance.

However, owing to the demanding nature of these engines, these cars have never been very high when it came to fuel economy, which is still a valid concern for most owners.

Recently, a lot of luxury car makers have begun to address this concern, by introducing hybrid versions of their flagship cars, what provide both power and high fuel efficiency.

BMW has just become one of these car makers, and their new hybrid flagship is being called the 740e iPerformance, the first Electric 7 Series.

This variant features a plug in hybrid system, which combines a simple 2.0 litre four cylinder engine with an electric motor and 9.2 KWH battery.

This setup lets this 240-kW (328-hp) car return a mileage of 2.0 to 2.5 L/100km (113 and 141.2 mpg), which is quite impressive considering the size of the car.

The power is divided between the electric and the mechanical sides of the engine, with the electric taking care of the low end needs, so that the mechanical part only has to kick in during high speeds.

As expected, the battery can be charged with the help of a charging cable that comes with the car. However, the car also comes with a regenerative braking system, which also generates power whenever you slow down.

This impressive setup lets the car jump from 0-100 km/h (62 mph) in just 5.4 seconds which again is quite impressive considering the size of the car.

There is still no news on when BMW will finally launch this model, or at what cost, but whenever it does so, we can easily expect a long time of potential buyers for it.

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