Cooling Body Suit

[Special Skin Suit Helps Sports Player Stay Cool]

No matter what game you play, there is one thing that you can attest to; playing sports make you heat up like crazy.

This is true for all sorts of sports, and plays a big role in sports dynamics, as an overheated body cannot functions at optimal conditions.

This is why it is important to keep the body cool while playing. To help with this task, an Indian designer by the name of Shubhaya Sinha has designed this unique body suit.

Known as the Cooling Body Suit, this suit is designed to work in sync with our body’s natural ability to keep cool, as well as enhance it further.

The natural ability of the body we refer to is the system that uses sweat to cool us down, and the sophisticated materials used in the concept put direct pressure on this system.

By working with certain spots on our body, the suit directly affects the superficial veins to bring the body temperature down.

The designer has created this suit as a proposal for Adidas sports apparel, with hopes that one day it will be used in all sorts of mainstream sports.

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Posted on : 19 Jul 2016 @ 19:55

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