Cure For Rheumatoid Arthritis

[Researchers Use Vagus Nerve Stimulation As Treatment]

As we all know Arthritis is a problem that millions of people suffer from towards the end of their lives. It is this almost inevitable nature of this disease that makes it so dreaded.

But now, a research sponsored by the SetPoint Medical Corporation claims to have found a solution for this problem with the help of electrical stimulation.

This new treatment is based on the previously known method of Vagus Nerve Simulation. This nerve cluster is responsible for carrying the signals to and fro between the brain and the body.

Thereby, by stimulating these nerves, we can easily take control of and cure various diseases. This treatment has already been tested for other conditions such as epilepsy, depression, heart failure, stroke, migraine and among others.

By using this tried and tested treatment, the researchers hope to stop the production of cytokines, the proteins directly responsible for inflammation.

This treatment would only require 15 minutes of the patients time per day, so that they can get healthy without putting their social and professional lives on the line.

To perform this treatment, the researchers are developing a special device which would one day be implanted in the body, so that it can be activated remotely for treatment at any place and time.

The short treatment span will directly benefit the device as it wouldn’t need frequent battery replacements. This will be another big benefit for patients who worry about getting involved in long term complicated treatments.

Even though it will take quite some time before said devices become a norm, but the mere fact that we may be look at the cure for arthritis makes us that much more excited to keep track of the progress. We’ll make sure you’re kept updated as well.

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Posted on : 31 Jul 2016 @ 14:15

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