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[Smart Mask Concept For Disease Prevention]

Anyone who works in an outdoor or industrial atmosphere knows that dust and pollution are some of the biggest causes of respiratory diseases and other allergies.

However, despite this, most people avoid using masks and those that do use them, don’t use them for an extended period of time.

This is mainly due to the fact that the average mask available in the market doesn’t provide the level of protection that would make using them reusable.

To take care of these issues, a designer by the name of Elias Thaddeus Pfuner’s has developed an upgraded version of the face mask known as the Cyclone Mask 1.

This mask is designed to be a user-friendly, reusable option which is both durable, ergonomic, and on top of that, pretty good looking.

The name of the mask comes from the face that it uses a cyclone separator as a pre filter system. Once the air passes through it, it is then treated through a fine dust lamella filter.

The filtered air is then sent to the user. To make sure that the air doesn’t get contaminated, the bottom part of the cyclone is closed during inhalation, and only opens while exhaling.

Since all the parts of the process are separate, the durability of the filters is also improved, so that the they last longer when compared to regular masks.

Even when the filters do need replacement, they don’t cost as much thanks to their small size. This size difference when compared to regular masks isn’t that big a worry since the big particles are already separated during the cyclone process.

To make sure that you don’t forget the replacement process, an accompanying app keeps an eye on the mask via a RFID connection and informs you of the filter status.

All these features combine to make this mask a must have for anyone who values heir life. However, since it is still just a concept, these benefits remains at a theoretical stage. We just hope someone gets the sense to actually put this concept in production, so that many lives can be saved.

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Posted on : 24 Jul 2016 @ 16:11

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