DARPA Cyber Grand Challenge

[AI Systems To Be Used As Cybersecurity Defenders]

Hacking contests have been a time tested staple of the technology world that lets the latest cyber technologies be tested against each other to see who comes out on the top.

Such contests are held in lots of locations each year and feature some of the most intelligent minds working working with software today.

However, this year, a unique competition called the Cyber Grand Challenge aims to replace those minds with their digital rivals for a one of a kind battle.

This challenge has been set forward by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), the well known research branch of the US Army.

In this competition, all teams will have to create their own Artificial Intelligence System, which will then do battle on their behalf with other AI systems.

The objective would be to see if the systems can autonomously scan rival servers for exploits while protecting their own servers at the same time.

To make sure that the systems are truly versatile, the systems that these AI work on are completely unknown to them. What this means is that they have to first learn the network software language before they can do anything.

These high standards will not only prove the programming prowess of the developers, but also test the possibility of using completely automated AI systems for cyber defense.

These kind of experiments have been made necessary owing to the increasing number of attacks various hackers launch each year on both government and private servers.

Currently, teams of humans have to go through thousands of crash reports in order to find errors. The hope is that these systems will provide a backbone for the creation of systems that would completely take over the process.

Since the future prospects of this technology are so vast, the immediate reward for winning the contest is also high, with the first, second and third place winners getting $2 million, $1 million and $750,000 respectively.

The experiment itself will be held on 4th August, during the 10-hour Cyber Grand Challenge finals held in Las Vegas. We will be waiting to bring you the latest updates as soon as possible.

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