Electrical Current Based Eye Treatment

[Jolts To The Brain Help Improve Vision]

Weak eyesight is an inevitability of the human condition. While some people get it earlier than others, in the end almost every human being requires external help for maintaining visibility.

This has caused an entire industry to popup, that works towards providing people with solutions for their vision problems. Some opt for glasses, some for lenses while others even get surgery.

While all of these options are great when it comes to helping people, there still isn’t any permanent solution for eye treatment that doesn’t involve surgery.

Researchers from Vanderbilt University saw this problem and decided to provide a solution to it in the form of an alternative therapy that involves what one would call, shock treatment.

Under this process, the researchers deliver a mild electrical current to the visual cortex of the brain in order to help it focus better.

This process of using electrical current to improve brain functionality has already been used to treat psychological disorders, prevent migraine attacks and even rehabilitate stroke victims among other things.

This success is what led the researchers to think of trying this method for eye treatment as well. To test their theory, they conducted successful experiments to study the affect of electricity on various parts of the brain.

What they found was that simulating the visual cortex not only improved eyesight in the short term, but also gave hope for this becoming a possible permanent solution.

The focus of the research will now move towards trying to improve this technique further so that it can one day be used on a mass scale.

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Posted on : 21 Jul 2016 @ 23:06

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