Facebook Is Testing Secure Messages

[Encrypted, Secret And Self-Destructing Chats]

As we move further and further into the era of the internet, the ability to keep everything about our lives safe and secure is becoming a bigger priority day by day.

In order to help with this, lots of companies develop lot of apps and softwares to make sure that our files and documents are kept secure both offline and online.

However, there is one aspect of our online lives that is still unprotected; messaging. Messaging services are one of the most used facilities online, even though they have virtually no security features.

This leaves us quite vulnerable to attacks, as often, we share some of our most intimate secrets with other people through messages.

To protect these messages, a lot of apps have now begun giving theirs users the ability to backup and encrypt their messages, or even make them self destruct.

Snapchat and Whatsapp are some of the most popular services that offer this type of security. However, they only cover a limited segment of the market.

The majority of online messages these days are sent through Facebook and their Messenger app. So it only makes sense that they should be the one to lead the charge.

It seems, that they too think the same, as we have just found out that Facebook has begun testing on making Messenger a completely secure platform.

Under this initiative, they will be introducing a host of security features to their messaging app, such as end to end encryption and self destructing messages.

These features will be based on the open-source Signal Protocol, developed by Open Whisper System, which is endorsed by a lot of security experts.

As expected, it will take quite some time before these features become available to the general public, however, you can still get access to them if you are part of the lucky few beta testers Facebook plans to involve in this program.

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