Fly Drones Just By Waving Your Hands

[Use Modified Microsoft Hololens For Hands Free Control]

With the reinvention of remote control technology in recent years, drones have take the center stage when it comes to innovation in aviation research.

These new types of researches focus on trying to find unconventional ways of making drones fly, whether it be the flight technology itself, or how we control them.

Up until now, despite the advancements in flight technologies, the control aspect of these drones was mostly traditional and restrictive, relying heavily on cumbersome physical controls to control the movement of the drone.

But now, we are seeing a new type of innovation, that claims to completely remove the need for a drone controller, instead replacing it with your hand.

What we’re talking about is a new method of flight control, that uses a Microsoft Hololens to let you control your drones through hand gestures.

This modification of the Hololens software was done by researchers from Bitcraze, a company who’s famous for it’s work with drone technology.

They have already showcased the use of these gestures by controlling a tiny drone in an enclosed environment, which they expect could easily be replicated with bigger drones in a more natural setting.

We still don’t know what the limitations of this technology are in terms of range and control sensitivity, but we expect that with further development, we could see it being used for controlling recreational drones of all sizes and shapes.

Here is a small video of their demonstration. It’ll give you an idea of the technology and what future applications it might be used for.

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Posted on : 31 Jul 2016 @ 07:50

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