Ford F-150 EcoBoost

[V6 Engine More Powerful Than Regular V8]

Ford has been trying to improve the efficiency of their engines for quite some time. Towards this end, they have introduced a whole lineup of Ecoboost engines which give equally great performance despite their smaller size.

The benefit of using these smaller engines is the fact that they produce more power and torque, while carrying less weight than their traditional counterparts.

These benefits have led to the adoption of this technology in a wide variety of vehicles from Ford, such as the Fiesta, the Ecosport, and even the Mustang and the F-150.

The F-150 is the latest vehicle from Ford to get the EcoBoost V6 in it’s 2017 variant. This new engine can provide 280 kW (375 hp) of power along with peak torque of 637 Nm (470 lb-ft), which is quite an improvement over it’s V8 competition.

To produce this kind of power from a relatively smaller engine, Ford uses the help of a new valvetrain and new turbochargers.

To help make things go a lot more smoother, Ford is also place a 10 speed automatic gearbox that is equipped to utilize all the power on tap.

While the difference in the power statistics and overall performance may not be that much when compared to other vehicles in the segment. But it is still enough to make it the most powerful truck in its class.

The hope is the with the success of this technology, the American car market would start seeing a new trend of moving away from gas guzzling behemoths, towards more frugal and efficient engines.

Ford is yet to unveil the price and launch date for the Ecoboost variant of the F-150, but the hope is that it will hit American shores by the fall. We’ll make sure to keep you updated regarding the progress.

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