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[Magnetic Anastomosis For Treating Type 2 Diabetes]

Anastomosis is a procedure that involves creating a separate passage inside the intestines to reduce the distance between the stomach and the anus.

This causes the food to pass through the system a lot more faster, causing less absorption, which results in lower blood glucose levels.

Usually, this system is put in place through complicated surgeries that have a high risk factor. But now, a company called GI Windows, has developed a new Incision-less Anastomosis System (IAS) which makes the whole process a lot more easier.

The procedure involves using two endoscopes inserted from opposite sides of the small intestine, one toward the beginning and another near the end.

These endoscopes deploy two magnetic rings, which stick to each other and create an anastomosis between disparate parts of the intestine.

The happens because the tissue trapped between the circle of these rings dies within a week, causing the ring to pop off. Now useless, this ring makes its way out the anus, thereby leaving nothing behind.

The company has already tested this system in clinical trails with impressive results. Once verified, this technology will greatly reduce the execution and recovery times for these life saving procedures.

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