Gorilla Glass 5

[Enhanced Fall Protection]

It would not be an exaggeration if we said that smartphones are the most used piece of technology owned by people all over the world.

As expected, this level of use is bound to put your device under a lot of stress which can lead to not only regular wear and tear, but also accidental damage as well.

It is also a statistically proven fact that the screen of our smartphones is the most damage prone part as well, suffering from countless scratches and breaks.

This is the reason why screen saving technologies like the Gorilla Glass from Corning is a must have feature on any smartphone on the market today.

The development of this technology was initially done in order to help prevent scratches from appearing on the screen, which often lead to the phone becoming unusable.

But as the years went by, this technology become more and more advanced, to the point that today the latest version of the glass is able to withstand falls from great heights.

What we are referring to is the special ability of the latest iteration of the glass, the Gorilla Glass 5, which lets your phone screen successfully survive drops from 1.6m (5.2ft).

This is the equivalent height of a human shoulder, which is currently the highest point from which we are known to drop our smartphones.

While this ability has a success rate of only 80%, it is still a huge leap from the first variant of the glass, which couldn’t even survive a fall from the waist.

This is a testament to the fighting spirit of technology developers, who work day and night towards making these amazing things possible.

The Glass 5 is already available on the open market, as we expect to see it in action soon enough.

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