Grimsel Shatters Acceleration World Record

[Tiny EV Hits 0-100 In 1.512 Seconds]

Two seconds is probably not a long enough period of time for any human to do anything of value. It probably took you more than two seconds to load this page.

However, it was still enough time for a team of students from Switzerland to set a new Guinness World Record.

These students study at the Academic Motorsports Association Zürich’s (AMZ), where they student Formula Racing in all it’s aspects.

As part of their studies, they created a tiny little one seater EV called the Grimsel, which is at the center of this new record.

We call this EV little, because it weights only 168Kg, and uses four tiny 50HP hub motors to power itself. However, these tiny motors are enough to produce a staggering 1,630 NM of torque.

The students recently used this amazing example of extreme engineering to break the World Acceleration Record, by crossing 0-100KMPH in just 1.512 Seconds.

It took them only one attempt to beat the previous record of 1.779 seconds. It may not look like a huge difference, however in the world of high speed racing, it’s enough to create history.

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Source: AMZ Racing
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Posted on : 17 Jul 2016 @ 23:41

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