Harvesting Energy From Tornadoes

[Tornado Generating Machine For Renewable Energy]

With the continuous development of technology, the energy needs of our population have been increasing more and more.

These needs are currently met by a combination of renewable and non renewable energy producing systems employed by various countries.

While we are seeing a healthy rise in the use of renewable sources of energy across the world, it still isn’t enough to cover everything.

Now, a scientist by the name of Louis Michaud intends to completely take care of these power needs through his tornado harvesting machine.

While playing with tornadoes may sound like a bad idea, but this machine actually makes it a lot safer by generating it’s own tornadoes.

To do so, the machine uses vortex engines and vortex generators which use the energy from the sun to power themselves.

The tornadoes created as a result can then be used to power turbines which in turn generate large amounts of free energy.

The great thing about the design is the fact that this machine can work without producing any emissions, while still being more efficient than other sources of power.

The only problem being faced right now is the fact that this method of energy production isn’t large scale enough to take care of mass energy needs.

However, the hope remains that with enough development this technology would one day be able to power the entire world.

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Posted on : 19 Jul 2016 @ 11:52

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