Health Supplement For Controlling Food Cravings

[Molecule Made By Gut Bacteria Controls Appetite]

Regulating what you eat is a big part of staying healthy. However, food cravings can often make it hard for people to control their appetite.

These cravings not only make you eat more, but also attract your towards high calorie junk food which is never healthy to eat.

Now, scientists in the UK have developed a supplement that can help you control these unhealthy eating habits by directly switching off your food cravings.

This new supplement, called inulin-propionate ester, is based on the production of molecule propionate, which is controlled by the gut bacteria. This molecule is responsible for telling the brain when you’ve eaten enough.

Therefore, when you ingest this supplement, it raises the production of this special molecule, so that your body feels full, even before you decide to eat junk food.

The researchers tested this supplement in laboratory settings and found that the people who took this supplement not only craved junk food less, but also didn’t overeat either.

The great thing about the effect of this supplement is that it only affects the consumption of high calorie foods, while leaving regular eating habits unaffected.

The researchers are now working on developing this supplement further, so that it can be made ready to meet the strict quality standards for human consumption. Once done, it will surely change the way we approach dieting.

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Posted on : 10 Jul 2016 @ 15:23

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