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[Laser TV Cheaper Than LCD Displays]

Even as we more forward towards the era of wearable displays, the real burden of home entertainment still lies with our television sets.

This sustained growth of the medium can be attributed to the introduction and adoption of new media standards, such as HD, 3D and 4K.

With the rapid adoption of high clarity media standards, it was only a matter of time before TV’s too had to evolve to cope up with them.

This evolution has affected both the pixel density of current TV, as well as the size in which one can get them.

The problem however remains that the more bigger in size LCD technology based TV’s get, the more expensive they get as well.

A possible solution for increasing the size of displays is through the use of high end laser projection systems that offer optimum clarity in large size displays.

A big name in the field of laser projection systems is the Chinese company by the name of HiSense, who are known for their Laser based 4K Projectors.

Now, the company has decided to bring this technology into TV as well, thereby effectively solving the Size/Price ratio issue.

The first product featuring this technology is their 100 inch 4K Laser Projection TV, which was unveiled during the UEFA football tournament.

This TV not only provides extreme clarity in such a huge size, but is also expected to be atleast 10 times cheaper than other LCD based TV’s of the same size.

We do not yet know the exact price the company will place on these models, or when they will be launched in the market, but the mere fact that these TV’s are starting to come up shows that we are ready to finally embrace a new standard in TV technology.

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Posted on : 20 Jul 2016 @ 03:01

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