Home PC Outperforms A Supercomputer

[Nvidia Based Computer For Complex Calculations]

Computing has gotten faster and more complex over the years. With each iteration of CPU’s and GPU’s, the processing power on tap increases in leaps and bounds.

However, this power isn’t always utilized to it’s maximum potential due to software restrictions that sacrifice performance for efficiency.

Now, researchers from the Lomonosov Moscow State University have reversed this equation by unlocking the true power of a home PC.

They did so by using a consumer level PC with a Nvidia GPU to perform complex equations that deal with how multiple quantum particles interact with each other.

The PC used a special software to run the calculations needed for solving the equation, which utilized the GPU’s ability of running multiple threads to speed up the process.

The end result was an astonishing 260 million complex double integral computations within three seconds, much faster than traditional supercomputers.

What that means in laymen terms is that the computer was able to complete the problem in 15 minutes, while regular supercomputers need two to three days to do the same.

The success of this test is so important because it shows exactly how powerful our computational devices are, and how easily we can use them to complete actions which would otherwise take lots of time and money, if done through traditional supercomputers.

We can’t wait to see how much further this technology can be pushed while still remaining in the boundaries of home PC specifications.

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Posted on : 10 Jul 2016 @ 20:35

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