Houses Built From Recycled Waste

[Plastic Waste Used To Make Bricks]

Plastic waste is one of the biggest causes of pollution in current times. Not only does it cause immense amounts of damage to the environment, but the damage keeps on adding up over time as these materials aren’t biodegradable.

A possible solution for this issue is to find ways of recycling these plastics to create something useful. However, up until now, the recycling applications weren’t exactly profitable enough to get people’s interests.

But now, a Columbian company named Conceptos Plásticos has come up with an innovative solution to take care of this problem, by recycling plastic waste into construction materials.

This process involves treating plastic to create LEGO bricks which are quite cheap and extremely durable at the same time.

Since the waste is abundant and the construction process cheap, these bricks also solve the problem of affordable housing that plagues large parts of the world.

In an experiment to prove the feasibility of this program, the people involved built a house for a family, and it took only four people to finish the work in 5 days.

The cost of the project came around to approximately $5200, which is quite affordable when compared to other sustainable housing projects.

The aim of the company is to gather enough capital, that they may be able to bring down the cost further, and supply their special brand of recycled bricks to every corner of the world.

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Source: The Venture
Category : Architecture
Posted on : 31 Jul 2016 @ 18:29

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