Human Eyes Can Detect Photons

[Experiment Proves Extreme Vision Power Of Naked Eye]

Our eyes are one of the most fascinating parts of the human body. They not only work constantly over the course of our entire lives, but also have amazing visualization power.

We know that our ability to see is more powerful than the best DSLR’s on the market, but what we don’t know is that this ability can even surpass the most high tech imaging technologies.

This new realization of our visual prowess was proved in an experiment conducted by researchers from Rockefeller University in collaboration with the University of Vienna.

The purpose of this experiment was to see if the human eye is capable of detecting the smallest units of light, called photons, under super-dark conditions.

Towards this goal, they took three men in their 20s and made them sit in a dark, sound- and light-insulated room, wearing headphones.

They were then made to fix their eyes of different types of light simulating machines, which then fired single photons into their retinas.

This process was repeated more than 30,000 times, during which the subjects were able to detect these photons with 51.6% accuracy.

The success of this experiment gives us a new understanding of exactly how powerful our eyes can be, while also opening up new avenues of research in the fields of imaging and biology.

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Posted on : 23 Jul 2016 @ 08:20

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