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[Researchers Found Most AI Systems Have The IQ Of A 4 Year Old]

Artificial Intelligence is a scary concept for most people to accept. The thought that one day computers will be able to think on their own is not something we as a society are looking forward to.

However, these fears of being rendered obsolete by machines is not justified in today’s scenario, as most AI systems aren’t advanced enough to fulfill this responsibility just yet.

This isn’t a critique on the system’s ability to perform complex tasks, rather the reality of their ability to understand the world around them.

To test the validity of this statement, researchers from the University of Illinois put the most advanced AI systems on the market today, through a standard IQ Test.

The results were shocking to say the least. It was found, that most AI systems today have the IQ level of a 4 year old child. If the testing age was set any higher, the systems weren’t able to win.

This creates a problem for developers who are trying to move computers into a new phase of learning, which goes beyond just doing calculations; as self awareness is not that big of an achievement if the system isn’t smart enough to comprehend the world around it.

Some might consider this a bad news, but for the researchers, it’s a good thing as they now know exactly where they are and how far they need to go.

Improvements in machine learning showcased by systems like Siri, Google Now, and Cortana are expected to further push this growth, eventually leading to AI systems becoming much better at thinking like humans.

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Source: ARXIV
Posted on : 17 Jul 2016 @ 19:42

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