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[Special Car Cover Saves Cars From Hail Damage]

Of all the possessions we own, cars are probably one of the most difficult ones to own and maintain. Not only do they require regular servicing, but owing to their size, they also are the most easily harmed.

Among the dozens of things that can harm our cars, hailstorms are probably the most overt damaging force of nature.

These storm are never easily predicted, and can severely damage any car that’s left unprotected. Besides, the only way of protecting your car against such damage is to keep it under cover.

This still is not a good enough solution for people who don’t have easy access to enclosed spaces for safekeeping. For those people, their cars are as good as ruined.

But now, a new invention from a Texas resident by the name of Mike Siciliano promises to help you keep your car safe from hail damage, no matter where you are.

This invention is called the Hail Protector. It is designed like a car cover, so that you can easily slip it over your vehicle without much trouble.

Once in place, the double layer setup is then inflated with the help of blowers, that inflate the whole thing within 5 minutes. Once completed, the structure resembles a giant safety mattress sitting on your car.

The function of the device is also the same as a safety mattress, as it effortlessly bounces away any hail that lands on it. To make sure that it is truly reliable, the system has already been tested with the help of lacrosse balls flying at 80-mph.

In addition, the testers also dropped a watermelon from above 30 feet, a five-pound medicine ball from 71-feet and a 17-ounce frozen ball of play-doh with two-inch spikes sticking out of it.

The system took all the abuse with pride, all the time making sure that the vehicle underneath didn’t suffer from a single scratch.

As you can guess, no innovation of this decade is complete without an accompanying app. So the manufacturers have also created a special app that gives you alerts about incoming hail storms, so that you can protect your car in advance.

Thanks to all these tried and tested features, we can easily say that the Hail Protector is a must have system for anyone who lives in hail prone areas. If you live in one of these areas, then you can buy one for yourself at a price ranging between $350 and $450, depending on your car size. Stay Safe.

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Posted on : 22 Jul 2016 @ 07:04

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