Kotatsu Heated Tables

[Special Japanese Tables Keep You Warm Inside The Blankets]

Winters are times of great stress for people who can’t tolerate extreme dips in temperatures. This forces them to either stick inside their beds or spend lots of money on centralized heating systems.

This can be problematic for people who don’t want to spend that kind of money, or maybe have spent lots of time in creating special spaces for their entertainment systems and don’t want to miss out of them just because it’s cold.

Now, a portable type of Japanese furniture aims to solve this problem by keeping you warm wherever you go. This piece of furniture is called Kotatsu, which is an independently heated table for your living room.

This table is based on an ancient Japanese design, which used a table, blanket and heater combination to keep the users warm during cold winters.

This design has been reinvented for modern times by replacing traditional heaters with electronic ones and fixing the blankets directly into the table itself.

Due to it’s 360 Degree blanket design, people all around the table can enjoy it’s benefits, thus increasing chances of socializing with multiple people.

All you need to do is place the table anywhere you want, and sit next to it with your legs inside the blanket. The inbuilt heater creates a cone of warmth under the blanket, while the blanket makes sure that the heat doesn’t escape easily.

Thanks to it’s one piece design, you can easily transport this table anywhere in your house, thus saving you from the hassle of owning and operating expensive heating systems.

These sort of cheap and sustainable climate control systems are great to use for people who are especially concerned about their bills as well as their carbon footprint. If you too want one, then you can probably find one of one of the many furniture websites online.

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Posted on : 01 Jul 2016 @ 03:55

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