Lampuga Air Inflatable Surfboard

[Electric Surfboard Can Achieve Speeds Of 29MPH]

As we progress forward into the era of electricity powered transport, we have begun seeing a lot of unique concepts of machines that now use electricity to power them, even though they weren’t originally built for powered movement.

Most of these machines are quite conventional in their design and functionality, such as bikes and skateboards. However, there are certain machines that push the boundaries of traditional transport.

One such example of unconventional transport is the invention of electric surfboards, which are essentially regular surfboards with inbuilt engines that run on electricity.

These boards are getting quite popular among surfing enthusiasts, as they are able to let riders achieve speeds of upto 30MPH.

The only problem is that they are quite rigid and bulky, which makes them harder to operate as well as store.

But now, Lampuga, the famous electric surfboard maker has decided to make the usage and storage of these boards quite easier, thanks to their new inflatable surfboard technology.

The product featuring this amazing technology is called the Lampuga Air, and is an inflatable jet-drive surfboard which only takes a few minutes to inflate and operate.

The design of the surfboard consists of two parts, the jet drive and the hull. The jet drive holds the motor and the batteries, while the hull is attached and inflated to give the surfboard it’s shape.

Since the design clearly separates the two parts, it makes it possible for the user to swap between different hull styles, thus making the boards truly versatile.

The inflatable nature of the hull also makes it possible to easily deflate it, so that you can pack and store your board inside your car, instead of worrying about securing it on the roof rails.

The great thing about this board is that despite all these advancements, the product doesn’t compromise on quality or performance, as it can still achieve thrilling speeds of upto 29MPH quite easily.

This lithium-ion battery that powers this setup is able to sustain these speeds for upto 40 minutes, after which the board would need recharging.

This makes it a perfect product for people who like to travel long distances, just to enjoy those few precious minutes of high speed thrill.

Now, if you have gotten excited at the prospect of owning this product, then you better remain calm, as the Lampuga Air won’t be yours unless you have pretty deep pockets, since a single piece of the Air retails for $10,900.

But if you have that kind of cash lying around, then by all means, go Buy the board and have fun.

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