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[New Pressure Measuring Sensor For Wearables]

Pressure Sensors, as the name suggests are tool that are used for getting proper pressure readings in various devices used in all sorts of fields.

While the readings of these sensors can’t be refuted, they still aren’t as practical since the materials used to make them today only allow for the creation of rigid coin shaped sensors.

Now, a new innovation from LG Innotek, a subsidiary of the technological giant has gone past this limitation through the creation of a new type of pressure sensor that is both flexible and durable.

This new type of sensor is made from a highly elastic material called polyurethane, which is not only bendable, but can also deal with a large amount of stress as well as exposure to extreme temperatures.

To make it truly useful, LG has made sure that the sensor can measure pressure across it’s entire surface. What this means is that it can easily be molded to fit different types of wearables and compact devices while still remaining functional.

To truly test the durability of this sensor, LG exposed the sensor to temperatures ranging from -40° C to 80° C (-40° F to 176° F). They also subjected it to pressure tests by making a man weighing approximately 70 kg (154 lb), sit on it about 100,000 times.

Now that the quality of the sensor has been proven, LG will not start working on potential applications for this technology in the fields of electronics, medical technology, automobiles among other things. We will definitely keep you updated on what they come up with.

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