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[Keep Your Earphones Tangle Free]

Earphones are some of the worst items to own for anyone. Not only are they easy to dislodge, but they also have a tendency to get tangled up.

While tangles in your earphone wires may not be that big a deal for many people, it still can cause a lot of damage to the headphones themselves.

To take care of these problems, many people resort to learning special folding tricks that are meant to keep your headphones safe.

However, most of these tricks take time and patience to learn and perform, which a lot of people don’t have these days.

But now a special accessory for your earphones, called the mBand aims to rid you of these worries by helping you keep your earphones in place and tangle free.

mband is essentially a pair of magnets that can easily stick to your earphones, and can then be used to keep them in place.

All you need to do is clip it near the cable, so that when you pull off your earphones, the magnets would attach to one another and prevent your earphones from falling off.

At the same time, the clip can also be used to hold the earphones in place once your fold them after use, thus saving you precious time and energy.

Currently this accessory is available for pre-order on the mband IndieGoGo Page, where you can get one for yourself, at just $18.

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Posted on : 23 Jul 2016 @ 12:21

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