Mind Reading Machine Developed by Scientists

[Machine Can Reconstruct Faces From Memories]

The human brain is a really complex machine that carries out all sorts of activities for us. In addition to all the tasks it performs, it is also the intellectual center of human existence.

This makes it a very important organ to understand. To help with this goal, scientists have devoted years of research to figure out how we think, but now it seems they’ve also figured out what we think.

This is being made possible through the research conducted by a team from the University of Oregon which focuses on reading people’s minds through their invention.

This invention, is a system that scans and interprets the brain scans of a subject to reconstruct the faces they were visualizing in their heads.

To make this process work, the researchers showed a number of color pictures of random people to their group of volunteers. Their neurological activity in response to these pictures were then measured by an fMRI machine in order to create a baseline for their reactions.

While this happens, an Artificial Intelligence program connected to the system creates a mathematical description of each of the faces and pairs it with the brain activity of the participants.

This gives the system an idea of how the brain reacts in accordance to all the difference changes. This data is then used to reverse the process and create facial reconstructions of faces based on just the brain activity of the subjects.

By comparing the results, the researchers were able to observe, that while the faces constructed by the AI weren’t perfect representations of the real faces, however, they still were highly accurate in terms of mathematical measurements of the faces in question.

The researchers are now working on improving the accuracy of the depictions created by the system, as well as creating depictions based on just the subjects memory, without any actual visual stimulus.

If and when this technology does get perfected, we will surely see the advent of an era where our own thoughts aren’t a secret anymore.

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