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[Drone Detects And Destroys Hidden Mines]

Ever since the emergence of drones, almost every field has found a way to use them for their advantage. However, we often forget that the first generation of drones was actually developed for safety purposes.

Safety has always been a big concern for people all over the globe, and smart machines like drones help take care of these safety concerns without actually having to put human lives in harm.

One such security related job that requires an extensive use of such automated technology is bomb defusal, specifically speaking Mine Defusal.

Mines are a hazard for whoever comes across them. Their hidden nature makes them unpredictable, while the explosive element can cause immense amounts of damage.

Not to mention, that since their invention, over 100 million land mines have been buried on this planet, and a lot of them are yet to be found.

This is a very important task as they pose a huge threat even in times of peace. To help remove this infestation, a designer by the name of Massoud Hassani has been building devices that can detect mines and dispose them off.

His initial plan was to use a device called Mine Kafon, which rolled across minefields like a tumbleweed, tripping mines as it went forward.

However, he soon realized that the system wasn’t fast enough. To cover for this limitation, he has now developed a drone which not only speeds up the process, but also automates it as well.

This drone is called the Mine Kafon Drone, and it is a multicopter that uses different tools to detect, track and blow up mines.

In order to do so, it first flies over the designated area to create a 3D map. Then it retraces it’s footsteps with a metal detector to find and mark the mines.

Once that’s done, it can then be used to plant remote controlled explosives over the mines, so that they can be blown up from a safe distance.

The designer is now working on the automation process, so that the drone can be made to work without the need of a human presence at all.

As you can see, this technology will help save the life of millions of people all over the world. So, if you too want to contribute to this change, you can go to theĀ Mine Kafon Drone Kickstarter Page to contribute.

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Posted on : 30 Jul 2016 @ 03:49

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