New Drug To Kill Drug Resistant Bacteria

[New Compound Kills 98% Bacteria In Tests]

Every living thing on earth evolves. This evolution is generally triggered by a fear of death. This trigger works for both the predator and the prey.

We as humans have found a way to evolve by killing things that could trigger death for us. These triggers include all sorts of animals, diseases and bacteria.

While animals don’t have a good enough system to defend themselves against bullets, bacteria on the other hand can easily evolve to resist our drugs.

This has given way to a rise in the number of Drug Resistant Bacteria. These bacteria cannot be killed easily, without actually harming the human body in the process.

Now, researchers have discovered a unique compound in an Antarctic sea sponge that’s expected to change this situation overnight.

This new compound, called the Darwinolide, has been proven to kill 98% of drug resistant MRSA bacteria in laboratory setting.

The unique ability of this compound is that it can get inside the biofilm that protects these tough bacterias, which other drugs just can’t do.

With further research, the hope is that this bacteria would also be able to kill several different types of bacterias and virus that plague the human body from time to time.

To protect the compound, the researchers have already patented it, and are now working on understanding exactly how it works.

Once they do understand how it works, they might then be able to reproduce it in lab settings, thus making it truly scalable for mass treatment.

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