New Vessels Discovered In Brain

[Lymphatic Vessels Connect The Brain To The Immune System]

The brain is a very complex system which is responsible or taking care of almost everything in the body. This is why scientists have been studying the brain for decades now.

As a result of this extensive history of research, we believed that we knew everything about the brain. But now it seems that we don’t, that we may have to completely reevaluate how we think about it.

This cause for revaluation came in the from of the discovery of a series of Lymphatic Vessels that connect the brain to the immune system.

This recent discovery has shocked the medical world as before now we never thought that there was any connections of this sort in the human body.

However, now we have reason to believe that not only is this connection real, but it also directly affects our behavior based on the input from our immune system.

What this means is that any change in our body immunity can now be linked to sudden changes in our behavior. In addition, it can also help us decode the actual process that leads to the development of various mental disorders.

It must be noted that the discovery of these new lymphatic vessels were actually made last year, but it mostly went unnoticed as there wasn’t any proof regarding it’s role in our behavior.

But now, researchers have actually proven both the existence and the role of these vessel in experiments with both mice, and dead human beings.

The question now becomes, how exactly will we approach human health now, and is it safe to exploit this connection for our needs? Whatever the answers may be, we will make sure to keep you updated about them.

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Posted on : 30 Jul 2016 @ 10:28

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