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[Lens Implant For Lifelong Perfect Vision]

Vision problems of all sorts haunt millions of people all over the world. Our eye sight is such a fundamental part of our interaction with the world, that any problem related to it completely changes the way we live our lives.

Yet, problems with eyesight are almost inevitable these days, as the lens of our eyes are bound to get defective thanks to our constant staring at various types of screens.

While spectacles, corrective lenses and surgery are all viable solutions for these problems, they still pose their own risks, whether it be in their impermanent nature, or in the risks of the treatment themselves.

To provide a permanent solution for these problems, a company called Ocumetics Technology Corp has developed a one of a kind Bionic Lens, which claims to not only correct your eyesight, but also enhance it.

It does so by taking over the vision responsibilities from the natural lenses. However, unlike common contact lenses, these lenses do not stick to the outside of the eye.

Instead, it is injected into the eye with a saline solution. Once inside, it unfolds and sticks to the natural lens within seconds.

Since it is designed exactly like the natural biconvex design of the eye, it has no problem getting into place and taking over the workload.

The effect of this new lens is said to be immediate, with the resultant eyesight being three times better than regular 20/20 vision.

Not only that, but the lens is also said to provide protection against cataracts and other eye related problems, which removes the need for any future treatments as well.

We do not yet know how effective this treatment is, as the procedure is still in the experimental phase. But if the claims are to be believed, we will have a permanent solution for eyesight errors within an year.

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