Omni Directional Wheels

[Unique Wheels Will Let Cars Drive Sideways]

Parking has been a necessity for human being ever since the dawn of vehicles. No matter what type of vehicle you own or how much it costs, it is an unspoken rule that you will need to find a place to park it.

This isn’t that big of a problem for people who live in rural areas, or who have special parking spaces, but for regular people living in densely population regions, this is certainly a big issue.

A classic symptom of this problem is that you often find a perfect place to park your car, but the space isn’t big enough for your car to fit in through parallel parking.

At times like this, we find ourselves wishing that our cars could either shrink in size, or be able to move sideways in order to fit in the precious space.

While the shrinking ability is still something we have yet to see, the ability to move sideways on the other hand is something that’s already been proven to exist with the help of omni-directional wheels.

While omni-directional wheels are not a new thing, they however required lots of modifications to be made to the car before the system could become operational.

But this new type of wheel developed by William Liddiard from Canada is the first time that these sort of car wheels have gotten the plug and play ability.

The developer is now trying to improve on the design so that it can be adopted by leading tyre and car manufacturers for mass use. So, don’t be surprised if soon enough your car too gets the ability to drive sideways.

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Posted on : 20 Jul 2016 @ 19:58

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