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[Smart Robot Keeps Track Of Your Medication And Medical Health]

Keeping track of medication is one of the most important aspects of living with a disease. This process becomes even more complicated when multiple members in a household use pills on a regular basis.

Over time, a lot of companies have introduced a lot of products that help people with managing their medication intake. Now, a new product wants to take that help a step further by completely automatizing the process.

This product is a nifty little robot called Pillo, which uses facial and voice recognition software to recognize and keep track of the medical health of all your family members.

Through these systems, the robot can recognize multiple people on sight, as well as dispense their daily medication on a timely basis.

In order to maintain the integrity of the system, the robot has been made with a tamper proof dispenser that can store different pills for multiple users.

It also keeps track of when you take your medications, as well as notifies you when your pill supply is running low or when you forget to take your medication.

All this data is stored by the device onboard, where it is used to create specific medical profiles for each individual person.

In addition to these passive features, the robot also acts as an interactive system which you can use to check medical information online, or have communication with your doctors through an inbuilt camera and microphone.

All these features make this a quite useful gadget to own for anyone interested in maintaining their health without hassle. If you want one for yourself, you can pre-order it from the products IndieGoGo Page for $299 right now.

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Posted on : 07 Jul 2016 @ 18:37

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