Qoros Qlear Concept Car

[Concept Features Air Purifier To Reduce Air Pollution]

China is a country that has a fascination with cars of all shapes and sizes. However, despite their love of beautiful cars, they don’t really have a homemade luxury car brand.

To make up for this, Chinese designers often create amazingly extravagant concept cars that are based on real life models of cars from other companies.

Now, an amazing Chinese designer by the name of Yutong Wu, has come up with a design for what he wishes would be the country’s first home made luxury car.

This concept is named the QLEAR concept car and was created as a design proposal for Qoros, the famous Chinese automotive manufacturing company.

The design of the car derives it’s inspiration from the potential homemade luxury cars that would populate in Chinese market in the year 2025.

The futuristic design also brings a lot of futuristic features with it as well, including a unique air purification system that purifies the air while the car is both moving or parked.

This smog collection technology, if included in all cars that populate the earth will certainly help bring down the population levels of the planet by a considerable amount.

It is for this reason that this concept car is such a nice idea to aspire towards.

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Posted on : 07 Jul 2016 @ 13:37

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