Real Life Transformer Robot

[4 Foot Robot Turns Into A Car]

Transformers was one of the first series that got us all excited about the concepts of robots. Since the inception of that series, we’ve come a long way in terms of robotics research.

However, despite the development of robots of all shapes and sizes, we still haven’t gotten a true transformers style robot, until now.

Bringing this dream to reality is a Tokyo-based robotics firm known as Brave Robotics whose team of engineers has built a one of a kind fully functional transformer robot.

This robot is about 4.3 feet tall, can move its arms, hands and fingers and walk at a speed of 0.6MPH. In addition to all this, it can also transform into a two seater car withing seconds.

In it’s car form, it’s a lot more faster, reaching speeds of upto 6MPH. While this may not be a lot considering other robots we’ve seen before.

But when you factor in it’s transformative abilities, it still makes for an impressive specimen. Since the robot is still in developmental phase, it can only do about an hour of work in a single charge.

The team is going to continue their work on this transforming robot platform, with hopes of increasing the size, as well as the features of the robot.

We will keep an eye on the progress of this project, in hopes that one day we too will be able to get a full sized transformer for ourselves.

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Posted on : 11 Jul 2016 @ 06:21

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