Researchers Find Cause Of Migraines

[New Research Points Out Genetic Cause Of Disease]

Migraine is an extremely annoying disease to suffer from, thanks to the crippling headaches that it brings with itself.

Doctors have been trying to find a definite cause for disease for quite some time, but there is always a bit of ambiguity between the potential answers.

Now, a new study done by researchers claims to have found the real cause behind the disease, thanks to extensive genetic testing.

This research undertook data from over 22 other studies, which covered over 60,000 migraine cases and the researchers found 38 genomic regions linked with migraines.

Not only were these links associated with migraines, but they were also linked to vascular diseases and arterial functioning.

What this means if that for the first time, we might have definite proof that migraines are caused by problems with the blood supply system.

While this doesn’t exact give us ironclad proof of the exact working of the disease, it still points us towards what could potentially be a fruitful avenue for medical research.

These findings are now being shared with the medical community, where they can be verified and further studied to find new cures for the disease.

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Posted on : 06 Jul 2016 @ 18:31

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