Reversible Adhesive Material

[Unique Adhesive Material Can Be Turned On/Off Repeatedly]

Adhesives are one of the more underrated items that are used extensively in all sorts of settings all over the world.

While most people are only concerned if the adhesive they use sticks to the object they want, there are certain fields that require the use of adhesives on an as needed basis.

This means that the adhesive used can often be removed in order to make chances to the structure. However, this poses a problem if you’re using regular adhesives, as they often leave residues when removed, plus aren’t reusable either.

Now, researchers at the Max Planck Institute have created a new type of adhesive that can be reserved when needed, while also retaining it’s properties of usability.

What this means is that, this new adhesive, made from the metal Gallium, can be used repeatedly, without the need for cleanup.

Gallium is a soft, silver-colored metal which has a unique ability to become solid at low temperatures, and melt easily at 29.76° C (85.56° F), which is just above room temperature.

This property of Gallium is quite useful in the creation of this reversible adhesive as the only thing required for fixing, or loosening objects stuck by this material is a change in temperature.

Since it doesn’t leaves any residue behind, you can also completely recover whatever amount of adhesive you used the first place. This prevents depletion, as well as removes the need for cleanup.

The researchers are now working on tweaking this material to make sure that it meets the high quality standards put forth by the fields that could make use of reversible adhesives.

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Posted on : 07 Jul 2016 @ 23:52

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