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[Special Robot For Package Delivery In Dense Jungles]

Robotics is not a new field of science. Neither are robots that are built to mimic animals and their movements. However, despite several iterations, most of these animal inspired robots aren’t exactly built for the habitats of real animals.

This isn’t a problem since most of these robots are built expressly for display purposes only. But now, Kaan Yaylali, an Industrial Designer from Savannah, has designed a new type of robot that goes way beyond proof of concept.

This new robot, called Roko takes it’s design inspiration from chimpanzees in both shape and movement, complete with extendable hands and flexible joints.

The purpose of this advanced range of movements is to give the robot, the ability to deliver small packages to the dense and remote regions of forests.

Since most forests don’t offer proper walking paths, this robot instead uses the traditional monkey mode of travel, by swinging through trees thanks to it’s arms and hooked hands.

To make sure that it doesn’t get lost or harmed by it’s dynamic surroundings, the robot also comes packed with various sensors including the sonar sensor that help it detect it’s surroundings and navigate it’s way through trees.

The sensors are divided into short-distance and long-range navigation systems, which not only keep an eye on the immediate surroundings but also find the best route to it’s destination,

Since constant monitoring is near to impossible in jungle environments, the designer has made sure that the robot gets a highly advanced AI System, which not only helps it operate autonomously, but also learn from it’s interactions with the world around it.

So, if you need to make this robot operational in a new region, all you need to do is enter the coordinates and the robot will take it from there.

Powering these amazing features is a Hydrogen Fuel Cell. While it’s not as widespread as traditional lithium ion technology, the designer believes that it will prove more efficient in the long run.

For now, this robot is still under the developmental phase, but if and when it gets ready for production, it will drastically improve our last mile connectivity options for jungle environments.

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Posted on : 13 Jul 2016 @ 16:31

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