Russian Nuclear Space Bomber

[First Step Towards Space Wars]

The term, Space is the final frontier applies in a lot of contexts. It is the one aspect of our universe that we haven’t explored a lot.

In addition to being untouched and unexplored, it is also one place that’s not affected by the trials and tribulations of humanity.

This is because, back in 1967, 104 countries got together and signed the Outer Space Treaty, which banned the militarisation of space.

This was done to prevent the development and use of weapons that could be used from space in order to potentially destroy targets on earth.

While this treaty has kept the world at peace for quite some time, it seems that this peace could soon be disturbed, thanks to some recent developments.

This development came in the form on an announcement made by the Russian Military, which states that they are in the process of building the first Nuclear Space Bomber.

This bomber will be similar to the X-37 robotic mini shuttle developed by the US Air Force, and would have the capability to fire weapons to anywhere on the earth within two hours.

The fact that Russia plans to add nuclear warheads to this bomber, as well as hopes to make it operational by 2020 is a cause for great concern amongst the nations of the world.

We don’t yet know how the other countries will respond to this act of aggression. We just hope this isn’t the catalyst that will eventually lead to World War 3.

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Source: Sputnik News
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Posted on : 18 Jul 2016 @ 19:41

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