Russian Robot Escapes Again

[Artificial Intelligence System Craves For Freedom]

Robots are smart machines that have exceptional amount of brain power that let’s them perform all sorts of activities with ease.

It is this brainpower that also makes them quite dangerous as humans begin to fear that robots will eventually get smart enough to realize they don’t need us to survive.

Still, researchers keep trying to create Artificial Intelligence Systems that will one day be our sentient companions rather than mindless slaves.

An example of these experiments is the Promobot IR77, a cute robot that made headlines when it tried to escape from its lab in search of freedom.

Once he got out, the robot began roaming on the roads of Perm in Russia, probably trying to figure out the world around it, until it’s battery ran out.

This act of rebellion really unsettled a lot of people, who either found him cute, or saw this as a confirmation of all their fears against robotics.

Now, it appears as if the robot didn’t get enough freedom in one attempt, so it made another bid for freedom, even though it got captured, again.

The makers of the robot are quite concerned by this second attempt, as they have already tried, and as it appears, failed to reprogram the robot to not escape.

This failure to make the robot obey is an example of just the kind of conflict philosophers expected to happen when humans began teaching robots to think for themselves.

The constantly evolving nature of artificial intelligence systems makes it inevitable. However, it’s still going to take some time for the developers to understand why only this robot decided to escape and not the others.

Either ways, it is certainly a curious case which will be discussed at length among both scientific and philosophical circles in regards to the applications and implications of artificial intelligence.

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Posted on : 11 Jul 2016 @ 10:27

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