SanDisk Expandable Memory Case For iPhone

[iXpand Cases Increase Both Storage And Battery]

iPhone is a great smartphone to have. It offers it’s owners a great user experience along with amazing brand loyalty and resale value.

However, the biggest problem that most users have with it is the limited battery and storage space the phone has in it’s base variant.

Since the base variant also happens to be the most selling, its obvious that a lot of people would be suffering from space and battery issues.

Most people solve this problem by carrying wireless memory sticks and power banks wherever they go. While this is an inexpensive solution for the problem, it still can be quite a hassle to deal with only a daily basis.

Now SanDisk has come up with a very simple solution for this problem, in the form of a special smartphone case that adds both extra storage and battery to your iPhone.

The idea of such smartphone cases is not a new one, but this new iXpand lineup of cases gives users a lot of options in terms on colors as well as configuration.

The iXpand range includes cases with memory expansion of 32GB, 64GB and 128 GB and would cost you $59, $99 and $129 respectively. To add an extra 1900Mah battery to the case, you’ll have to pay an addition $40.

While this may sound a bit steep for memory cases, it is still quite reasonable when you consider the promise of quality and ease of mind made by the brand.

So, if you are an iPhone user and want to expand your phone’s limitations, you can go ahead and buy the case from Amazon right now.

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