School Students Build A Bomb-Seeking Robot

[Robot Built Specially For The RNC]

Bomb detection and disposal is a very serious issue that police departments from all over the world have to deal with on a regular basis.

This problem gets even more severe around election times, when the threat of a potential terrorist attack is ever present.

Not to mention the fact that there are often so many people present in election rallies that it becomes almost impossible to search for bombs manually.

To help with this problem, a lot of police departments use bomb disposal robots that have been specifically developed to do such things on their own.

However, when we are talking about something as big as the Republican National Convention, a single robot is just not enough to do it all.

This was the problem that faced the Cleveland Police Department. So they did what anyone would have done in this situation; they asked for help.

Help arrived in the form of 20 students from the Cuyahoga Community College who built a bomb seeking robot from scratch, with just a $500 grant and whatever spare parts they had in the college shop.

The result was a small yet impressive robot, called the Scoutbot. This robot uses six wheel setup to navigate any given area, scanning it with a camera.

The camera is setup in a way that allows the robot 360 degree visibility, along with night vision as well. It can move over obstacles and under cars, and has a range of about 400 feet.

To make such a smart robot in such a short time, the students used the help of 3D printed parts and aluminum. Even though the design isn’t as appealing as one would hope, it is still a great effort in such a limited budget.

The success of robots like this show us just how talented our future generation is, and how exactly the world is being changed through technology.

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Posted on : 24 Jul 2016 @ 12:09

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