Scientists Can Now Deliver Drugs Directly To The Brain

[New Type Of Soluble Aspirin Can Cross The Blood Brain Barrier]

Our body is a very complex machine that has all sorts of systems protecting it from outside intruders. A majority of these systems are focused on protecting the brain, since it’s one of the most vital organs in the body.

One of the most vital systems protecting the brain is the blood-brain barrier which acts like a shield that keeps invading pathogens out of the brains blood supply.

Thanks to it’s complexity, it only allows water, some gases, and lipid-soluble molecules to pass through, which is great for keeping the brain sterile.

However, this protective mechanism can also be a great hindrance for our medical heath as it also prevents doctors from delivering life saving drugs directly to the brain.

This is one of the reasons why brain tumors are so hard to treat and have such high mortality rates. But now scientists claim to have found a way past this barrier.

This method of bypassing the barrier comes in the form of a special liquid aspirin created by scientists from the Brain Tumour Research Centre at the University of Portsmouth in the UK.

This aspirin combines traditional aspirin with certain special ingredients to make it truly soluble, thus giving it the power to travel through the barrier and directly work with the brain tissue.

Known as IP1867B, this aspirin has already been tested in the lab on glioblastoma cells, where it proved effective in killing the cancerous cells without harming healthy tissue.

The researchers will now work on verifying the results of this experiment as well as finding all the different drugs that can be integrated into this system for better brain treatment.

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Posted on : 08 Jul 2016 @ 18:01

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