Scientists Create Cyborg Stingray

[Unique Hybrid Creature Uses The Heart Of A Rat To Power Itself]

Scientists have always tried to improve upon nature with the help of technology. This quest has led to the creation of both robots that imitate animals, as well as animals that have been enhanced with the help of technology.

However, now this quest has taken a whole new dimension with the development of a synthetic creature that imitates one creature while using the cells of another.

What we are talking about is a one of a kind Robotic Stingray, which is made with the combination of a special polymer with the heart cells of a rat.

While it may sound gross, but the heart cells are extremely important to the design of the creature as they are what help the creature move.

This is done by genetically engineering these cells to respond to light cues, so that when they are exposed to different pulses and frequencies of light, these cells prompt the fin movements in specific ways, thus helping the creature maneuver in it’s environment.

This amazing development is the result of the hard work done by researchers at Harvard University, who wanted to see if they could replicate the graceful musculature of the stingray in laboratory settings.

It is often hard to believe that they were able to accomplish so much in a creature that weighs just 10 grams and is only about the size of a small coin.

The researchers believe that this experiment will eventually pave the way for the creation for more complex organs as well as organisms that could be used for all sorts of medical and research purposes.

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Posted on : 21 Jul 2016 @ 03:55

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